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Information for Teachers - Pathways

Become a part of this National Institutes of Health funded program and work with UCSF scientists in and out of your classroom to promote your students’ access to and engagement in science learning - especially those students who are traditionally underrepresented in the sciences.

Why participate?


  • creates the opportunity for your students to develop sustained relationships with scientist role models
  • inspires students’ interest in science by creating experiences that relate modern biology and its real life applications to their lives
  • allows you to learn about and draw on recent discoveries in biomedical research to keep your curriculum current
  • brings additional hands and intellectual resources into your classroom to make lab experiments & activities more “doable”


  • $1500 stipend for completion of the Pathways program
  • Year-long partnership with two UCSF scientists providing science expertise and instructional support
  • Classroom materials and supplies related to the program

Who can participate?

To be eligible for Pathways, you must be a SFUSD teacher and teach at least one section of high school biology, biotechnology, health science, physiology or chemistry and have significant numbers of students typically underrepresented in science careers.

Program details

  • Teacher-scientist teams meet at a full day program orientation in the beginning of the school year to learn about the program structures and goals and start planning out their year.
  • Teachers and scientists are jointly responsible for planning and conducting 6-10 lessons in the teacher's classroom for his/her participating biology/biotechnology/health/physiology/chemistry course sections. The number of Pathways lessons will depend on how many class sections the lessons will be implemented in, but should not exceed 30-40 hours of classroom time for the scientist volunteers.
  • Team members will conduct a planning meeting prior to each classroom lesson with each planning meeting also including time to debrief prior classroom lessons. Pathways staff will attend some planning/debrief meetings and classroom lessons over the course of the school year in a supportive role.
  • At a mid-program check-in meeting, partnership teams spend a day together, sharing lessons they developed with each other and gaining insights into successful student engagement strategies and learning opportunities.
  • Teams will reflect on the program experience and outcomes at an end-of-program session.

       Pathways is not being offered during the 2014-15 school year


Contact Ben Koo,, 415-502-6689