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Bio&ChemTeach, funded by the UCSF School of Medicine, partners a middle or high school science teacher with two to four UCSF volunteers to engage students in investigative science lessons in support of the science and health curriculum.

Participating in SEP is the one of the highlights of my school year. Collaborating with the UCSF scientists is an invaluable experience. Their knowledge, passion for science and research and availability of resources are the biggest reasons I participate in SEP. SEP is such a wonderful program for the teachers and students within SFUSD. I truly value this program and am very proud that I can share my experiences with my school.

- SFUSD teacher

I had never taken part in a real lab before, like that, and I had never dreamed I would learn so much while having so much fun…I felt like a scientist!…I walked out of the classroom with a piece of my DNA in a tube, and anyone who saw it was interested in learning how I got it and all the details.

- SFUSD student

The children have a rather wild notion that scientists are people other than themselves…or at least they had this notion in large part at the beginning of the program. After having them design their own experiments, ask their own questions, they began to see themselves more like us. They therefore seemed more likely to see ‘scientist’ as a viable profession they might pursue.

- UCSF volunteer

This was an incredibly valuable experience for me. I had told one of the SEP employees that previous to this, I really disliked teaching because I was so unsure of what I was doing or how to communicate clearly to the students. After the workshop [SEP’s Teaching Workshops] and the three SEP lessons, I'm proud to say I believe I am an effective teacher who can communicate clearly to convey principles to her students. Thank you so much!

- UCSF volunteer


Through Bio&ChemTeach, UCSF volunteers work together with secondary science teachers to co-plan and co-teach 4 lessons in the classroom. In doing so, the volunteers gain experience teaching investigative science with the guidance of an experienced teacher and support from SEP staff. Teachers have a unique opportunity to work closely with UCSF volunteers to design creative, hands-on lessons for their students. Similarly, students get to work directly with scientist role models in their classrooms.

Information for Teachers

Information for Scientist Volunteers