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SEP Is Cost-effective

Through SEP’s programs, more than 21,000 students/year have access to enriched science learning opportunities – at a per student cost of less than $53.

All of SEP’s programs are offered free-of-charge to the teachers and students of San Francisco’s public schools. To do this, SEP must annually raise more than $1,000,000. Every donation brings us closer to that goal and helps to make this important work possible.

See What Your Donation Can Do!

Take a look at some of the ways your donations are creating science learning opportunities for San Francisco students!

The information below changes every few seconds to highlight another program.

Classroom-based Partnerships

An on-going science field trip without leaving school.

Classroom Based Partnerships provide:

  • Sustained contact between K-12 students and scientist role models
  • Professional development for teachers and scientists

Each year, classroom Based Partnerships involve more than:

  • 3000 students
  • 100 teachers
  • 170 scientists

Cost for Classroom Based Partnerships:

  • $48/student ($1400/classroom)

High School Internship Program

A life-changing summer experience that puts students firmly on the path to college and a better future.

The High School Internship Program Provides:

  • summer internships for 20 rising seniors

Cost for Internship Program:

  • $7500/student

Cost is all-inclusive of student stipends, SEP staff support, and program activity costs

Daly Ralston Resource Center

The Daly Ralston Resource Center provides:

  • Unlimited access to a lending library of science materials to support hands-on science teaching and learning
  • Informal lesson coaching
  • Opportunities for more than 16,000 students per year to learn science with Resource Center Materials

Cost of Resource Center

  • $5.75/student ($175/classroom)

Courses, Seminars & Workshops

SEP Courses, Seminars and Workshops provide:

  • Innovative science learning opportunities for K-12 teachers that:
    • Help teachers learn rigorous science content
    • Model research-based science teaching pedagogies that promote student learning
    • Help teachers keep abreast of current research developments
    • Prepare scientists to be better communicators of science
  • Involve more than 175 K-12 teachers and 13 Scientists/year

Cost of Courses, Seminars and Workshops

  • $1200/teacher

Disposable Gloves for the Resource Center

Disposable gloves allow:

  • students to feel the difference between an emphysemic lung and a health lung

Cost for disposable gloves:

  • $79/case
    (Resource Center uses 20-25 cases/year)

Consumable Supplies for a Partnership Team

Investigative science requires supplies. Each partnership team receives a budget for consumable materials – so that lessons are not unduly limited by the cost of materials.

Cost of Consumable Supplies:

  • $100/team ($2.50/student)
    for four lessons

Trip to a College Campus

Many High School Interns have never been to an undergraduate campus. We provide a tour to UC Davis so that they may start to envision themselves as undergraduates.

Cost of the trip:

  • $1200

Be Creative!

SEP will gladly accept in-kind donations such as laboratory supplies to donate to teachers, as well as gift cards to restaurants & businesses to provide as thank you gifts to our volunteers.

Support SEP

If you would like to contribute to SEP's ongoing science education programs, you may do so online. Giving to SEP is greatly appreciated and easy. Please, follow the steps below to make your secure online donation:

• Go to the UCSF Foundation website.

• On the online donation form in the first section entitled "Make a Gift" click the "Gift Designation" button.

• When the "Gift Designation" window opens please select "Other" from the menu of campus programs at the bottom right corner of the menu.

• In the "Other" text box type in "UCSF-Science and Health Education Partnership" or "UCSF-SEP" to apply your gift to our organization.

If you prefer to send us a check, please open and print out the K-12 Science Education Donation Form (pdf).

Donors interested in making large, structured, or endowed support legacies are invited to contact Solange Arbesu-Sala, Administrative Assistant at (415) 502-6324 or for additional information.

With your help we can achieve our goal of supporting high quality science education for all K-12 students in San Francisco's public schools. Thank you for your generous support of the UCSF Science and Health Education Partnership!

As part of UCSF, SEP is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please let us know if your company participates in a matching gift program so that we can extend the benefit of your generosity.