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Garcia-Gonzalo FR, Phua SC, Roberson EC, Garcia G 3rd, Abedin M, Schurmans S, Inoue T, and JF Reiter. (2015) Phosphoinositides Regulate Ciliary Protein Trafficking to Modulate Hedgehog Signaling. Dev Cell. Aug 24. 34 (4): 400-9. Abstact.

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Ye X, Zeng H, Ning G, Reiter JF, and A Liu. (2014) C2cd3 is critical for centriolar distal appendage assembly and ciliary vesicle docking in mammals. PNAS. Feb 11. 111 (6): 2164-9. Abstact.

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Kodani A, Solome Sirerol-Piquer M, Seol A, Manuel Garcia-Verdugo J, and JF Reiter. (2013) Kif3a interacts with the dynactin subunit p150(Glued) to organize centriole subdistal appendages. EMBO J. Feb 20. 32 (4): 597-607. Abstact.

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