The O'Farrell Lab at UCSF

From the Microscope

  Satellite sequences in anaphase nuclei
In a wildtype embryo (top) fluorescent in situ hybridization of the 356 satellite sequence near the centromere is visible near the spindle pole
(DNA in blue; satellite in pink)
In embryos carrying the inversion (bottom) the 356 sequence is at the metaphase plate, at the distal end of the chromosome
Created by Tony Shermoen
Mitotic domains
Following gastrulation in cycle 14 cell division becomes asynchronous, and occurs in stereotyped regions
(DNA in blue; dividing nuclei in pink)
Taken by Tony Shermoen
Chromosome condensation preceding mitosis (Wheatgerm agglutinin in red; DNA in blue; satellite sequences in green)
Taken by Tony Shermoen

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