The O'Farrell Lab at UCSF

Cid-GFP Histone-RFP
Kinetochores in the Drosophila embryo
Mitoses 12 and 13 in the embryo (Histone-RFP; Cid-GFP)
Taken by Mark McCleland
Dynamics of Polo kinase
Polo-GFP in mitoses 12 and 13 in the embryo
Taken by Mark McCleland

Cyclin B3 in the embryo
Cyclin B-GFP, Histone-RFP, in cycle 13 of the syncytial embryo
Taken by Kai Yuan

Cytokinesis in the Drosophila embryo
Spaghetti-squash-GFP (myosin) marks the cell boundaries
Taken by Arnaud Echard

mitotic Drosophila embryo
The mid-blastula transition
At the MBT the embryo transitions from the rapid, synchronous division of syncitial nuclei to cellularization and gastrulation, events that occur with stereotypical timing
Created by Jeff Farrell

Embryonic cell cycles
Histone-GFP marks the DNA in a Drosophila embryo
Taken by Mark McCleland

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