The O'Farrell Lab at UCSF

Banff National park, Canadian Rockies

  I started working with flies as an undergrad and never left. I've worked on habituation, replication- and DNA damage-checkpoints, size control in development and engulfment of apoptotic cells. In the O'Farrell Lab I've focussed on nitric oxide synthase and innate immune responses. I can also be found adding "u"s to words like "colour" and employing the use of the lac-zed system. When I'm not in the lab, I love to hike, camp, rock-climb, travel and take lots of pictures.
Bachelor of Science
Master of Science
Post-doctoral Fellow
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
London Research Institute Cancer Research UK and University College London, London, UK
Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology (Medical Research Council), London, UK
Liz's Publications
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