Principal Investigator

Wallace Marshall

Administrative Assistant
Judy Piccini

Postdoctoral Researchers

Hiroaki Ishikawa
Primary cilia proteome, intraflagellar transport, ciliogenesis, and mechanobiology of cilia.

Mark Chan
Organelle size control using the yeast vacuole as a model system.

Prachee Avasthi

I utilize methods in molecular biology, cell biology, chemical biology and biochemistry to understand signaling mechanisms that regulate the structure and function of cilia and flagella in Chlamydomonas and mammalian cells. Current interests include flagellar regulation involving GPCRs, MAP kinases and actin.

Sarah Reiff
Role of calcium signaling and protein kinases in single cell regeneration in Stentor

Pranidhi Sood
Role of mRNA localization and RNA binding proteins in single cell regeneration in Stentor

Tatyana Makushok
Role of microtubule cytoskeleton and motors in single cell regeneration in Stentor

Kim Wemmer
Systems biology of mucus and mucociliary interactions using Planarian flatworms as a model system

Doctoral Students

Mark Slabodnick
Developing Stentor as a model organism for studying single cell regeneration. Role of polarity proteins and centriole duplication in Stentor regeneration.

Amy Chang
Regulation and Control of Organelle Morphology, Implications of Organelle Morphology for Cellular Behavior in Mammalian Cell Systems

Marshall Lab Alumni

Former Postdocs

Shigenori Nonaka

Associate Professor, National Institute for Basic Biology, Okazaki Japan

Susanne Rafelski

Assistant Professor, UC Irvine

Juliette Azimzadeh

Group Leader, Institute Jacques Monod Paris, France

Nan Tang

Assistant Professor, National Institute of Biological Science (NIBS), Beijing, China

Former Ph.D. Students

Lani Keller

Assistant Professor, Quinnipiac University

Jessica Feldman
soon starting as Assistant Professor, Dept. Biology, Stanford University

Benjamin Engel
Postdoc at Max Planck Institute, Martinsried, Germany

Zachary Apte
Biotech Entrepreneur - founder of EvolveMol, SoilGen, and co-founder of uBiome

Will Ludington
Bowes Fellow at UC Berkeley and co-founder uBiome

Kim Wemmer
Specialist, UCSF

Elisa Kannegaard
Former Grad Student

Former Research Associates
Christopher Baker former SRA, currently grad student at UCSF Tetrad Program
Roshan Karki former SRA, currently grad student at Yale MCDB Program
Afsaneh Zolfaghari former SRA, currently grad student at Harvard School of Public Health
Ivan Zamora Former SRA