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Welcome to NAIL

From these pages you can view possible hydrogen bonded interactions between nucleic acid bases and between amino acids and bases. We have calculated "complete" sets of possible interactions based on hydrogen bonding geometries and avoiding steric clashes (see papers by BW Walberer, AC Cheng, and AD Frankel; AC Cheng,WW Chen, CN Fuhrmann, and AD Frankel).

The libraries are divided by the types of interactions and base or amino acid partners. Select a library to browse by clicking on the type of interaction on the navigation bar to the left. While you are viewing the molecular models, you can also select a new library to view by using the navigation bar in the top frame. In these browsing pages, clicking on a thumbnail model on the left will present an interactive model in the main window that can be manipulated using the Chime plug-in.

In order to display three-dimensional molecluar models this site uses Chemscape Chime 2.0 from MDLI. Please see the Requirements to View page to find out which computer and browser combinations work to view these pages. This page also contains links to download Chime 2.0 and to view Chime documentation.

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