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Frank C. A., Pielage J, Davis GW. (2009)
A Presynaptic Homeostatic Signaling System Composed of the Eph Receptor, Ephexin, Cdc42, and CaV2.1 Calcium Channels.
Neuron 61 (4): 26 556-569. PMCID: PMC2699049
Pielage J, Cheng L, Fetter RD, Carlton PM, Sedat JW, Davis GW. (2008) 
A presynaptic giant ankyrin stabilizes the NMJ through regulation of presynaptic microtubules and transsynaptic cell adhesion.
Neuron 58(2):195-209. PMCID: PMC2699047
Heerssen H, Fetter RD, Davis GW. (2008)
Clathrin dependence of synaptic-vesicle formation at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction.
Curr Biol. 18(6):401-9. PMCID: PMC2699046
Heckscher ES, Fetter RD, Marek KW, Albin SD, Davis GW. (2007)
NF-kappaB, IkappaB, and IRAK control glutamate receptor density at the Drosophila NMJ.
Neuron 55(6):859-73. PMCID: PMC2701504
Frank, C. A., Kennedy, M.J., Goold, C.P., Marek, K.W., and Davis, G.W. (2006)
Mechanisms underlying the rapid induction and sustained expression of synaptic homeostasis.
Neuron 52: 663-677. PMCID: PMC2673733
Pielage, J., Fetter R.D., and Davis, G.W. (2006)

A postsynaptic Spectrin scaffold defines active zone size, spacing, and efficacy at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction

Journal of Cell Biology 175: 491-503. PMCID: PMC2064525
Poskanzer, K., Fetter, R., and Davis, G.W. (2006)
Discrete residues in the c(2)b domain of synaptotagmin I independently specify endocytic rate and synaptic vesicle size. 
Neuron 50: 49-62.
Davis G.W. (2006)
Homeostatic control of neural activity: From Phenomenology to Molecular Design.
Annu Rev Neurosci. 29:307-23.
Pielage, J., Fetter R.D., and Davis, G.W. (2005)
Presynaptic Spectrin is Essential for Synapse Stabilization.
Current Biology 15: 918-928.
Eaton, B.A. and Davis, G.W. (2005)
LIM Kinase1 controls synaptic stability downstream of the type II BMP receptor.
Neuron 47: 695-708.
Poskanzer, K.E. and Davis, G.W. (2004)
Mobilization and fusion of a non-recycling pool of synaptic vesicles under conditions of endocytic blockade.
Neuropharmacology 47: 714-23.
Albin, S.D. and Davis, G.W. (2004)
Coordinating structural and functional synapse development: postsynaptic p21-activated kinase independently specifies glutamate receptor abundance and postsynaptic morphology.
J Neurosci. 24: 6871-9.
Marie, B., Sweeney, S.T., Poskanzer, K.E., Roos, J., Kelly, R.B. and Davis, G.W. (2004)
Dap160/intersectin scaffolds the periactive zone to achieve high-fidelity endocytosis and normal synaptic growth.
Neuron 43: 207-19.
Poskanzer, K.E., Marek, K.W., Sweeney, S.T. and Davis, G.W. (2003)
Synaptotagmin I is necessary for compensatory synaptic vesicle endocytosis in vivo.
Nature 426: 559-63.
Marek, K.W. and Davis, G.W. (2003)
Controlling the active properties of excitable cells.
Curr Opin Neurobiol 13: 607-11.
Goda, Y. and Davis, G.W. (2003)
Mechanisms of synapse assembly and disassembly.
Neuron 40: 243-64.
Eaton, B.A. and Davis, G.W. (2003)
Synapse disassembly.
Genes Dev. 17: 2075-82.
Clyne, P.J., Brotman, J., Sweeney, S.T. and Davis, G.W. (2003)
Green Fluorescent Protein Tagging Drosophila Proteins at their Native Genomic Loci Using Small P-elements.
Genetics 165: 1433-1441. PMCID: PMC1462835
Marek, K.W. and Davis, G.W. (2002)
Transgenically encoded proein photoinactivation (FlAsH-FALI): acute inactivation of synaptotagmin I.
Neuron 36: 805-813.
Sweeney, S.T. and Davis, G.W. (2002)
Unrestricted Synaptic Growth in spinster - a Late Endosomal Protein Implicated in TGF-B Mediated Synaptic Growth Regulation.
Neuron 36: 403-416.
Eaton, B.A., Fetter, R.A. and Davis, G.W. (2002)
Dynactin is Necessary for Synapse Stabilization.
Neuron 34: 729-741.
Davis, G.W. and Bezprozvanny, I. (2001)
Maintaining the Stability of Neural Function: A Homeostatic Hypothesis.
Annual Review of Physiology 63: 847-869.
Paradis, S., Sweeney, S.T. and Davis, G.W. (2001)
Homeostatic Control of Presynaptic Release is Triggered by Postsynaptic Membrane Depolarization.
Neuron 30, 737-749.
Davis, G.W. (2000)
The Making of a Synapse.
Neuron 26, 551-554.
Hummel, T., Krukkert, K., Roos, J., Davis, G.W., and Klambt, C. (2000)
The Drosophila FUTSCH/22C10 protein is a MAP1B-like protein required for dendritic and axonal development.
Neuron 27: 357-370.
Roos, J., Hummel, T., Ng, N., Klambt, C., and Davis, G.W. (2000)
Drosophila Futsch/MAP-1B Regulates Synaptic Microtubule Organization and is Necessary for Synaptic Growth.
Neuron 27: 371-382.
Marek, K., Ng, N., Smolik, S., Fetter, R.D., Goodman, C.S., and Davis, G.W. (2000)
A Genetic Analysis of Synoptic Development: Pre- and Postsynaptic dCBP Control Transmitter Release at the Drosophila NMJ.
Neuron 26, 537-547.
Davis, G.W. and Goodman, C.S. (1998)
Synapse-Specific Control of Synaptic Efficacy at the Terminals of a Single Neuron.
Nature 392: 82-86.
Davis, G.W. and Goodman, C.S. (1998)
Genetic Analysis of Synaptic Development and Plasticity: Homeostatic Regulation of Synaptic Efficacy.
Curr. Op. Neurobiol. 8: 149-156.
Davis, G.W., DiAntonio, A., Petersen, S.A., and Goodman, C.S. (1998)
PKA Controls Quantal Size and Reveals a Retrograde Signal that Regulates Presynaptic Release in Drosophila.
Neuron 20: 305-315.
Davis, G.W., Schuster, C.M. and Goodman, C.S. (1997)
Genetic Analysis of the Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Target Selection: Target-Derived Fasciclin II Regulates the Pattern of Synapse Formation.
Neuron 19, 561-573.
Davis, G.W., Schuster, C.M., and Goodman, C.S. (1996)
Genetic Dissection of Structural and Functional Components of Synaptic Plasticity III. CREB is Necessary for Presynaptic Functional Plasticity.
Neuron 17: 669-679.
Schuster, C.M.*, Davis, G.W.* and Goodman, C.S. (1996)
Genetic Dissection of Structural and Functional Components of Synaptic Plasticity II. Fasciclin II Controls Presynaptic Structural Plasticity.
Neuron 17: 655-667. (* authors contributed equally)
Schuster, C.M., Davis, G.W., Fetter, R.D., and Goodman, C.S. (1996)
Genetic Dissection of Structural and Functional Components of Synaptic Plasticity I. Fasciclin II Controls Presynaptic Development.
Neuron 17: 641-654.
Kopczynski, C.C., Davis, G.W., and Goodman, C.S. (1996)
A Neural Tetraspanin, Encoded by late bloomer, that Facilitates Synapse Formation.
Science 271: 1867-1870.


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