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The Wee-P Protein Trap:
Tagging Proteins With GFP at Their Native Genomic Loci

I. Introduction
II. Methods
III. Using Wee-Ps in P-element replacement experiments
IV. Table of available fusion lines
V. Table of expression patterns and images for Wee-P lines whose gene has not been determined

V. Table of expression patterns and images for available Wee-P lines whose gene has not been determined

Description of Column Headings:

Expression pattern (first instar):
this is the expression pattern that was noted when the animal was collected. Thus it is not a dissected animal and is just the expression pattern as seen through the cuticle. It is thus by no means an exhaustive list of tissues in which the GFP might be found.

Expression pattern (third instar): this is the expression pattern as seen in a filleted third instar. Here the list of tissues is more detailed, but note that many tissues were not examined, such as the salivary glands or the many tissues of the intestinal tract.

Due to the highly specific expression patterns of the lines in this table, both at the tissue level and, more importantly at the subcellular level, we believe that the majority will prove to be real fusions as opposed to enhancer trap-like events. As most of these lines are not at the neuromuscular junction, we will most likely not be following up on them.

Line #
Expression pattern (first instar)
Expression pattern (dissected third instar)
WeeP1500 Faint in CNS axons CNS neuropil, Axons, PNS(?) MAP?
WeeP1502 CNS cell bodies, Muscles CNS cell bodies, Axons, possibly NMJ
WeeP1503 CNS cell bodies, gonads, elsewhere CNS, Imaginal Discs cytoplasmic, Axon membranes
WeeP1504 Fat bodies and CNS Faint in VNC cell bodies, in subset of CNS cell bodies, Salivary glands associated with membranes
WeeP1507 CNS cell bodies Pattern in CNS cell bodies, imaginal discs
WeeP1508 Bright throughout body, CNS nuclei Bright in all nuclei
WeeP1509 Bright in CNS  
WeeP1511 CNS throughout CNS cell bodies, imaginal discs
WeeP1512 CNS cell bodies, nuclei of all cells CNS cell bodies, nuclei of all cells
WeeP1513 CNS dim, elsewhere in animal Throughout CNS, compartment boundaries of discs
WeeP1514 CNS CNS cell bodies and connectives, eye discs, faint in imaginal discs
WeeP1515 CNS all CNS cell bodies, faint in neuropil, imaginal discs
WeeP1517 CNS all, muscles CNS cell bodies, subset, connectives, axons, muscles
WeeP1519 Fat bodies CNS cell bodies, faint
WeeP1520 Nuclei of all cells Nuclei of all cells
WeeP1522 CNS faint Faint in CNS
WeeP1523 Bright in CNS, anterior and elsewhere  
WeeP1524 Bright in CNS  
WeeP1525 CNS, faint in center  
WeeP1526 Interior (gut?) Cytoplasmic in all cell types. Cell bodies of CNS, also in midline of VNC
WeeP1527 CNS dim CNS and VNC cell bodies, faint in imaginal discs
WeeP1528 CNS all Bright in CNS, VNC cell bodies, faint in imaginal discs
WeeP1529 Bright in CNS Bright in CNS, VNC, bright in proximal axons, fades as the axon leaves VNC. Enriched in optic anlage, eye discs
WeeP1530 CNS CNS, faint in axons
WeeP1531 Cuticle Cuticle, tracheal cells
WeeP1532 Dim in anterior portion of animal  
WeeP1533 CNS all  
WeeP1534 CNS all  
WeeP1535 CNS all  
WeeP1536 CNS all  
WeeP1537 CNS axons  
WeeP1538 CNS bright  
WeeP1539 GFP throughout  
WeeP1540 Very dim in CNS outer  
WeeP1541 CNS outer, dim  
WeeP1542 CNS all  
WeeP1543 Dim GFP throughout GFP in muscles
WeeP1544 Dim GFP throughout  
WeeP1545 CNS bright  
WeeP1546 Diffuse GFP in anterior Subset of CNS and VNC cell bodies, axons throughout length, also in imaginal discs. Protein was membrane bound and speckled.
WeeP1547 Dim down center  
WeeP1548 Fat bodies GFP in cytosol of all cell types. Found in axons throughout length, however, did not see it at the synapse. As expression level was so high I don't think there is any at NMJ.
WeeP1549 Dim in anterior CNS outer Nuclei of CNS cell bodies, discs and epithelial. Enrichment at D-V boundary in wing discs
WeeP1550 Dim in anterior  
WeeP1551 CNS dim  
WeeP1552 Dim in anterior CNS and imaginal discs, cell bodies
WeeP1553 Bright in interior, CNS all Brightly expressed in cytosol of CNS cell bodies, in axons faintly, also in epithelial cells and gut (cytosolic)
WeeP1554 CNS all Cytosol of CNS cell bodies, in neuropil. Patterned in ID. Only in ommatidia of eyes. Not at NMJ
WeeP1555 CNS axons Cytosol of CNS and eyedisc cell bodies
WeeP1556 Dim throughout  
WeeP1557 CNS, dim Bright expression in CNS cell bodies and dimly in imaginal discs
WeeP1558 Faint in CNS  
WeeP1559 CNS bright  
WeeP1560 Bright throughout CNS cell bodies and VNC midline imaginal discs with possible D-V enrichment
WeeP1561 Dim in anterior  
WeeP1562 (Ph1) Dim throughout, enriched in posterior Synaptic neuropil and CNS axons. Axons faint.
WeeP1563 (Ph1) Dim in CNS Cytoplasm of CNS and VNC, nowhere else.
WeeP1564 (Ph1) Bright in gut, dim in CNS diffuse throughout Bright in gut, synaptic neuropil, faint in axons.
WeeP1565 (Ph1) CNS, PNS, gut wall, elsewhere  
WeeP1566 (Ph1) Dim in CNS, diffuse throughout Faint in muscles? Check 1st instar to be sure.
WeeP1567 (Ph1) CNS cell bodies Bright in nuclei of several cell types. CNS, muscles, muscle attachment cells.
WeeP1568 (ph1) GFP throughout body Cytosolic in CNS, discs. Also in trachea and epithelials. Faint in axons.
WeeP1569 (Ph1) CNS all, dim in anterior Throughout CNS, discs membranes. Axons.
WeeP1570 (Ph1) Dim in CNS all Imaginal discs faintly
WeeP1571 (ph1) GFP throughout Bright in CNS and imaginal discs. Muscle attachements and muscles.
WeeP1572 (ph1)
WeeP1573 (Ph1) CNS  

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